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Scholarly Publications

Radiation Oncology & Medical Physics

The AROPA’s mission is to offer educational resources and support networks for Program Administrators within the Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics, DMP & MMP fields. 

The AROPA Publications page is a collection of scholarly publications that have been submitted by community members. We invite all those who are actively publishing manuscripts to share their work and links here to help communicate their work with contemporaries in the field.

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Integrating a Grassroots Well-Being Curriculum into a Radiation Oncology Residency Program

The burnout rate among US radiation oncology residents was 33% in 2016. To our knowledge there are no published interventions addressing burnout among radiation oncology residents. We describe the implementation of a well-being curriculum, cocreated by a psychologist, a medical humanities professional, and radiation oncology attending and resident physicians.


Publishing Body:

Advances in Radiation Oncology


Kimberly R. Gergelis MD, Uma S. Anand PhD, LP, Johanna S. Rian PhD, Kristofer W. Roberts MD, Pamela J. Quinones, Kenneth R. Olivier MD, Kimberly S. Corbin MD and Cynthia M. Stonnington MD

Survey of the Child Neurology Program Coordinator Association: Workforce Issues and Readiness for the Next Accreditation System

In preparation for the implementation of the Next Accreditation System in Child Neurology, the authors organized the first meeting of child neurology program coordinators in October 2014. A workforce and program-readiness survey was conducted initially. Coordinator job titles varied widely. A post-conference survey demonstrated substantial improvements in relevant skills. The complexity of residency program management in the Next Accreditation System era supports substantive modifications to the program coordinator role. Such changes should include defined career pathway, managerial classification, administrative support, and continuing education.


Publishing Body:



Feist et al.

Patterns and Perceptions of “Away” Rotations Among Radiation Oncology Residency Applicants

Medical students often complete clinical rotations at other institutions (away rotations). This study assesses the number of away rotations undertaken by radiation oncology residency applicants and their value from the applicants’ perspective.

Administration, Radiation Oncology

Publishing Body:

Interantional Journal of Radiation Oncology


Sidiqi et al.

We Matter Too! Addressing the Wellness of Program Coordinators in Graduate Medical Education

Burnout and stress in medical settings have been associated with despondent staff and decreased productivity. Although Program Coordinators (PCs) play an integral role in residency training programs, there exist few, if any, interventions aimed at addressing their burnout.

Administration, DMP/MMP, Wellness

Publishing Body:



Ewen et al.

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