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February 22, 2023

2023 Annual
General Meeting
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AROPA Governing Body

Marlene Kromchad, C-TAGME

University of Pennsylvania

Associate Director of Medical Education at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania. In her role, Marlene oversees the Radiation Oncology Medical and Medical Physics Residency Programs. Marlene also directs resident and fellow rotation operations and the medical student elective clerkship. Marlene joined the University of Pennsylvania in 2019.

Radiation Oncology etc. etc.

The AROPA is a registered National Organization 501(c)(3). Our Board of Directors are passionate about creating excellence in the field of Radiation Oncology. The AROPA Board is made up of volunteer governance positions. 

As an organization we place emphasis on:

Creating community

Providing quality education and mentorship opportunities

Advancing the field of Radiation Oncology through developing strong leadership 

AROPA Board of Directors

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Melissa Dawson, MSOL, MHA, DHA

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Melissa oversees one of the largest residency programs in Radiation Oncology with a strong commitment to DEI initiatives.

Co-Director of Mentoring & Outreach

DeAnna O'Connell, BS

University of Louisville

Along with serving as the Program Coordinator with the university and my role with AROPA I also serve on the Quality &Patient Safety Subcommittee


Uduakobong Luke Mark, MPH

Montefiore Medical Center

As the Residency Program Coordinator at Montefiore Medical Center since June 2013, Uduakobong Luke Mark is both diligent in his practice and committed to his profession. He joined the center 12 years ago after many years of serving in different capacities as Research Specialist, Research Analyst, Legislative Advocate Ambassador, and Business Manager with large and well-respected corporate firms.

Immediate Past President

Denise De La Cruz, EdD

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

I have worked in education administration since 2009. In my current role, I lead MD Anderson's Radiation Oncology Education and Training enterprise in research training, undergraduate and graduate medical education, continuing medical education, and faculty development. Facilitating programming to train the next generation of radiation oncologists and (physician) scientists and setting the stage for lifelong learning is my passion.


Cordelia M. Baffic

University of Pennsylvania

“Cordy”, has worked at UPenn for over 35 years and has graduated over 300 prominent radiation oncologists who are currently practicing in both academic and
private practice settings.  She has served under four departmental Chairmen, five Designated Institutional
Officials and five University Deans.  Beyond mastering the increasingly complex role of program administrator, Cordy has been instrumental in pioneering several innovative education programs including, the joint Radiation Oncology Nuclear Medicine Initiative.

Vice President

Emily Rawn, BA, C-TAGME

New York University, Langone

A career in graduate medical education and specifically Radiation Oncology has been as unexpected as it has been rewarding. After 15 years as Program Coordinator here at NYU, words cannot adequately express how thankful I am for the guidance and support that I've received from both my home institution and the AROPA.

Director of Operations

Christopher Gualano

Rush University

I've worked at Rush University Medical Center in the department of Radiation Oncology since 2008. I'm the residency program administrator and the manager of administrative support.

Director of Member Services

Thalia Yaden, C-TAGME

City of Hope National Medical Center

I am a Training Program Administrator with over 10 years’ experience working with residents. Being a member of AROPA is a wonderful sharing of experience and knowledge that has enhanced my leadership in management abilities, communication, interpersonal, administrative and organizational skills, leading me to be more detail-oriented, compassionate, supportive, calm under pressure and being happily successful doing my job.

Director of Medical Physics Member Services

Julie Follman, MBA

Washington University School of Medicine

Julie is the Program Coordinator for the Residency, Ph.D., MS, Postdoctoral Certificate, and undergraduate Purdy Fellowship programs in medical physics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She has worked at the university since 2002 and has several years of experience developing and managing a variety of graduate medical and educational programming.

Creative Director

Kari Postlewait, C-TAGME

University of Oklahoma

Kari has been a fellowship and residency program coordinator for the past 15 years, serving Hematology/Oncology, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Rheumatology, and now Radiation Oncology. She has a continued and dedicated passion for development and learning, serving as a mentor for other administrators across campus, building innovative programs for sharing of knowledge, and providing educational opportunities that support the careers of her peers and colleagues.

Co-Director of Mentoring & Outreach

Patricia Candia, PhD, C-TAGME

UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson

Seven years in Radiation Oncology, currently Manager of Academic Programs

AROPA Advisory Board

Shibu Anamalayil, MS

University of Pennsylvania

Kevin Du, MD, PhD

Yale University

Thomas Dilling, MD

Moffit Cancer Center

Stefan Both, PhD

University Medical Center Groningen

Stephen Avery, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

Anthony L. Zietman, MD, FASTRO

Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard

Neha Vapiwala, MD

University of Pennsylvania
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